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Monday, January 17, 2005

Brain Drain in Health Sector

It gets studied, but nothing ever gets done

Subj: Brain Drain ... Health ... Failed Development
Date: 12/26/2004 7:37:53 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Profitinafrica

Dear Sebastian Mallaby

I have recently seen your article "How Africa subsidizes U.S. health care" in the Washington Post of November 29 2004 just prior to World AIDS day.

I very much appreciate you putting this information into print. Please do it as much as you can.

But the interesting thing is that this is a problem that was visible going back fifty years ... the start of the British National Health Service would have failed if the UK had not been able to import medical professionals from the Empire ... Indian and Pakistani doctors, nurse from the Caribbean. Fifty years later the medical professionals from Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya are everywhere.

What is interesting is that the official development assistance (ODA) community has been terribly quiet about the problem, and nobody has put forward much that is practical and on a scale to make a difference. ODA talk is in great supply. ODA do is almost non existant ... certainly when the North is going to lose an important benefit.

Our group is starting to address some of the issues in a practical way. The ODA world has very little knowledge about the communities in the South .. a lot of studies ... but not much knowledge.

Communities in the South have enormous potential to improve ... but only if they have the opportunity to do so. The ODA community has missed this ... and instead of progress in development, the South is poorer today than forty years ago.

Why? What on earth has been going on?

Everything that is written shrieks "development failure" but somehow the ODA community and the general North readership does not see or hear it.

The way we have being doing development does not work. It is time to do better, and do something that will make a difference.

Our group is starting ... its a long journey, but at least we are going in the right direction


Peter B
Peter Burgess
TRACnet in New York
Tel: 212 772 6918
Blog: http://taame.blogspot


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